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BOOKNMEET UK affiliate's user administrators can maintain most of their user data and authorizations. They can request any number of Consultants and assign them authorizations, and they are responsible for deleting user IDs that have left the clinic/ establishment or no longer need access to BOOKNMEET UK online mobile appointment scheduling platform.. BOOKNMEET UK only creates the first administrators, and first users for new customers for the BOOKNMEET UK online mobile appointment scheduling platform. . These users receive an email containing their user ID and initial / defaullt password. For security reasons, BOOKNMEET UK online mobile appointment scheduling platform. is not entitled to create and/or administrate additional BOOKNMEET UK online mobile appointment scheduling platform. users for customers.

Maintaining personal data, especially phone numbers and e-mail addresses, is also the customers' task. Every user has the ability to maintain their user profile, to change their password, and to display their authorizations and some history data (e.g. date of creation, last log on) in My Profile.

Super administrators are first users of a affiliate with maximum authorizations. BOOKNMEET UK recommends that you create at least two additional super administrators who can support you or substitute for you if needed. Only super administrators can assign/remove all authorizations from other users / consultants, since they have all authorizations assigned at the highest possible authorization level. Note that a user administrator cannot administrate himself. A change to his authorizations can only be made by another super administrators or BOOKNMEET UK.

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Act now to get your firm / private practice enrolled in the BOOKNMEET UK - Online mobile appoint schedule platform. The platform was developed to provide the public free and easy access to information on participating / enrolled firms / private practices. Using the platfrom, potential clients access your firm’s information and choose which firm they wish to contact or which consultant they would like to consult.

How does it work?

From BOOKNMEET UK's Web site, the public can easily locate a consultant/doctor/hospital/professional to match their specific appointment needs. The BOOKNMEET UK platform database allows a person to search for a specific consultant/ firm/ clinic/hospital using criteria such as Speciality, service / establishment and any city / state. Once the selection criteria are entered, matches are quickly produced.

How much does it cost?

All you have to do is enroll and create a verified profile. A listing includes the following information: firm name, address, phone and fax, Web site link, social media profiles number of consultants in the firm, expertise / speciality, and the email address of a designated contact / office assistant.
If you haven’t signed up for the BOOKNMEET UK online platform Service yet, you could be losing potential clients! Did you know consultants / private practices / hospitals / clinics / receives calls from individuals and businesses looking for an appointment ? Make your firm be noticed year-round!

How do I sign up?

You can do it online. Enroll now!

If your firm is already enrolled:   Please review your firm’s listing on this Web site to verify it is correct.
If you need to change / update your current listing, contact at +44 2036629962 or

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